Jos, Nigeria – The Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, has expressed optimism that Plateau State will soon regain the peace and tranquility it once enjoyed.

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF), in collaboration with other security agencies, is working relentlessly to eliminate criminal elements from the state.

During his visit, Air Marshal Abubakar reminisced about his time as an instructor at the Air Force Military School in Jos. He highlighted the peaceful nature of Plateau State’s residents and expressed hope for the swift restoration of this tranquility, allowing citizens to thrive once more.

Addressing the ongoing security challenges in Plateau State, the CAS emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach. This strategy involves the collaboration of government entities, security agencies, traditional leaders, community representatives, and religious leaders to tackle the root causes of the conflict.

“All stakeholders must come together with a sincere commitment to ending the crisis and work towards a common goal of achieving peace, stability, and prosperity for the people of Plateau State,” he stated.

Earlier, Air Marshal Abubakar informed Governor Caleb Mutfwang that his visit to Plateau State was for an operational assessment and inspection of facilities at NAF Units in Jos and Kerang. He took the opportunity to commend the Governor and the people of Plateau State for their unwavering support of the NAF. The CAS lauded Governor Mutfwang’s dedication and tireless efforts in restoring peace and security in the state. “Your resilience and doggedness in addressing the various forms of attacks that plagued the state shortly after your assumption of office are truly commendable. Your leadership and determination have been instrumental in bringing the relative calm and stability experienced so far,” he noted.

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