ABUJA, June 28, 2024 – The Federal Government has greenlit an electronic verification system for military pensioners to enhance the efficiency and security of pension administration, according to Air Vice Marshal Paul Irumheson, Chairman of the Military Pensions Board (MPB).

During a press briefing in Abuja on Friday, Irumheson announced the nationwide commencement of the electronic verification exercise. The new system aims to eliminate impersonation and streamline the pension process, particularly for elderly retirees who face challenges with physical verification.

“You may recall that on February 15, I briefed this honorable press about the board’s plan to transition from physical to electronic verification for our military retirees,” Irumheson stated. “The reasons include the security risks associated with traveling, the old age of some pensioners, and the high cost of transportation, especially for those living abroad.”

The board conducted a pilot test from February 15 to March 1, verifying 2,000 pensioners, with only 15 failing the process. Feedback from this test has been used to refine the system.

The Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Matawalle, and the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Christopher Musa, have both approved the full-scale implementation of the verification exercise.

Irumheson assured the public that the board would carry out extensive public awareness campaigns to help pensioners navigate the new system. He urged all military pensioners to participate in the electronic verification, as failure to do so would result in the cessation of their pension payments.

“I hereby declare the Electronic Verification Exercise officially open on a full scale for all our retired pensioners from July 1 to September 30,” Irumheson announced. “The board advises all pensioners to actively participate in this exercise. Those who do not take part in the verification will not receive their pensions going forward.”

This initiative marks a significant step towards modernizing military pension administration and ensuring that the system is both secure and accessible for all beneficiaries.


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