In a move aimed checkmating criminal elements within the Niger Delta area, the air component of Operation Delta Safe (OPDS) has launched series of air strikes targeting illegal refining sites, militants’ camps, and terrorist hideouts in the area.
Key military sources told that on August 27, 2023, Operation Delta Safe initiated air interdiction missions against illegal refining sites located at Cawthorne Channels, Bille, and Gogokori in the Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State.
According to information available to the airstrikes were meticulously executed to eliminate hubs of illicit activities, contributing to instability and adversely affecting law-abiding citizens. During the strike, it was learnt that a wooden boat, commonly called (Cotonou Boat) and laden with illegally refined products was neutralized at Gogokori as it attempted to escape into open waters.
Expanding the scope of the operations, OPDS carried out similar strikes on refining sites in Idama (Akuku-toru Local Government Area) and Omoma (Degema Local Government Area) of Rivers State.
It was learnt that the strikes were based on intelligence pointing to ongoing refining activities at these locations. The sites were promptly targeted, leading to the destruction of active illegal refining sites and the destruction of suspected reservoirs containing refined products.
In another operation on August 25, 2023, camps of suspected militants’ and pirates’ in Cross River State came under attack by the air component of OPDS.
Notorious camps including Big Joe’s Camp, Sunny’s Camp, Davids’ Camp in Bakassi Local Government Area, and Amos Camps in Calabar South Local Government Area were subjected to precision airstrikes.
The operation aimed at dismantling these criminal strongholds and apprehending their occupants. The strikes led to several criminals being neutralized, and efforts to escape were met with overwhelming force.
Additionally, on the same day, the air component carried out targeted strikes at the Chinene hideout in the Mandara mountains, known as a persistent terrorist gathering point in the Northeast region. This location has been targeted previously due to its history of harboring and facilitating the activities of terrorists. The recent operation resulted in several terrorists being eliminated and others fleeing the scene.
The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) remains dedicated to delivering tangible results in the battle against criminal elements. The relentless efforts of the NAF and other security agencies underscore their commitment to securing the nation.
However, the collective involvement of all Nigerians is crucial in addressing these challenges effectively. Citizens are urged to provide actionable information to security agencies, thus becoming an integral part of the solution in maintaining peace and stability across the country.

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