Nigerians have expressed sadness after they watched paratroopers of the country’s military dropped from a plane and landed like logs of wood inside presumed enemies territory and some hanging on trees.

“It is indeed sad to see our troops drop the way they did in a simulated exercise  and some could not get up and some incapacitated. Just assume if this was a real war time scenerio the enemies would finished these soldiers,” Justin Wakili a military affairs experts told

He said that if it was a real war scene, as the soldiers were dropping, they ought to be alert, “understanding that they are in an enemy territory and quickly disengage from suit, roll it up, pick of their rifle and be ready to confront any enemy.”

Wakili criticised the scenerio where the soldiers landed on the hard fall beside the Federal Secretariat in Abuja and some were injured and could not move.

Another military analyst said that this exercise has shown how ill-prepared the Nigerian military is to confront enemies.

Analyst who spoke on condition of annonymity also point to the failure as what is entirely wrong with the Armed Forces of Nigeria and why they have failed to win the war against insurgency.

“The government has successfully drawn the military into politics, you can imagine a situation were immediately after their tenure as service chiefs, the former miltiary chiefs were drafted to head Nigeria’s mission abroad., Ordinarilly this is not suppose to be so.

“These men are suppose to working underground to ensure that the military defeat insurgency in country.”

Blogs and websites were awash with the news of how the  parachute landing exercise of the Nigerian Army paratroopers went with some ”highlights. ”

Eyewitnesses who captured the training in Abuja on video, revealed that it went wrong at some point as some of the trainees didn’t land well.

While some of them landed on the bare floor, others allegedly landed on trees. Watch the video below….


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