The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has clarified that none of its helicopter crashed in Kaduna earlier today, contrary to reports circulating on social media and some traditional media outlets.

It  said, rather,  a NAF Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) experienced a mishap shortly after take-off for a mission near Rumji Village, approximately 15 kilometers from its base.

Since it was an unmanned vehicle, there were no casualties on board or on the ground. Preliminary investigations have commenced to determine the cause of the mishap.

NAF Spokesman, AVM Edward Gabkwet emphasized that this minor setback will not affect ongoing operations. “Nigerians can be rest assured that this minor setback will not, in any way, impinge on all ongoing operations,” he stated.

AVM Gabkwet also criticized the rush to publish unverified information, noting that some media outlets incorrectly reported a helicopter crash without seeking clarification from NAF. “This attitude should be discouraged as it negates the principles of developmental journalism, balanced reporting, and fairness,” he said. Media outlets are advised to seek verification from authorized military sources before publishing such reports.

This statement aims to correct the misinformation and reassure the public about the integrity and ongoing efforts of the Nigerian Air Force.

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